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Volterra, Tuscany: a trip in the city of alabaster

A beautiful walled Tuscan village of Etruscan origins, Volterra is famous for its cobblestoned streets, alabaster workshops and well-preserved medieval ramparts. Strolling through its atmospheric cobblestone streets will make you feel like you have stepped back into time. Read on to find out more about Volterra, in Tuscany, the most picturesque region in central Italy. What to [...]

Lake Braies: one of the greatest gifts of Mother Nature

The largest and most stunning natural lake in the Dolomites, Lake Braies is heaven on Earth. Blessed with charming colours, spectacular reflections and a breathtaking alpine backdrop, it is a wonderful emerald gem nestled between a majestic collection of giant peaks in the Prags Dolomites, in South Tyrol. One of the most stunning and photogenic lakes [...]

Matera: get to know Italy’s most spectacular city

Located in a remote corner in the southern region of Basilicata, Matera is a breathtakingly beautiful maze-like settlement of ancient stone dwellings dug into soft tufa limestone, on the side of the Gravina Valley. Known for its picturesque Sassi districts, the first site in Southern Italy to be declared a World Heritage Site, the small town of [...]

Umbria : a relaxed escape in Italy’s Green Heart

Discover Umbria with ILC Landlocked between Tuscany and Lazio and separated from Marche by the jagged spine of the Sibillini Mountains, Umbria is brimming with history, natural beauty and art treasures. Often called Italy's Green Heart, Umbria has a coronet of lovely terracotta-topped villages and Medieval hill-towns, none more than a few miles from the next. A hire-car [...]

Elba Island : a corner of Chiantishire sequestered by the Tyrrhenian Sea

Famous for harboring French Emperor Napoleon during his exile, the Tuscan island of Elba has an exotic blend of Mediterranean cultures, stunningly picturesque architecture and idyllic landscapes, from green highlands to golden sandy bays, from lush valleys to Mediterranean pine forests. Napoleon Bonaparte would probably think twice about fleeing Elba today. Six miles off the Tuscan coast, [...]

Lake Como: a tranquil paradise for A-list celebrities

With its stunningly beautiful mountain geography, spectacular coast and lovely stone-clad villages, Lake Como is one of the most famous Italian Lakes destinations, 30 miles north of Milan. Shaped like an inverted Y, Lake Como is surrounded by roaming mountains and lush, towering hills dotted with historic grande dame hotels, Baroque villas and picturesque hillside [...]

Cinque Terre: explore Italy’s ‘famous five’

Renowned for their outstanding beauty, the five pastel-hued seaside villages of the Cinque Terre, or Five Lands, are the Italian Riviera’s most iconic highlight. On Italy’s western coast, in the region of Liguria, just above Tuscany, the Cinque Terre get its name from the five fishing and wine-making villages perched along a 11-mile stretch of [...]

Tremiti : Secret islands in the Adriatic Sea you should visit

Tremiti : a place you shoud visit Showstopper islands like Lampedusa, Elba and Capri are world renowned, but there are so many more secret islands in Italy to be explored, loving every minute. Bite-size islands off the Gargano promontory, the spur of boot-shaped Italy, the Tremiti are the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea. The tiny and [...]

Holidays at high altitude: summer in the Dolomites

Alto Adige is the Italian name for South Tyrol, where heavenly mountain valleys, shimmering turquoise lakes, meadows beamed with wildflowers, apple orchards and forests of indescribable loveliness spread across the landscape, dominated by pink-grey peaks of the Dolomites mountain range. Instagram likes will come rolling in! From winery tours to picturesque mountain bike tracks, South Tyrol [...]

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